Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fleur de CD Unveiled at RuckusRoots TRASHion Show!

We had a blast at the RuckusRoots TRASHion Show on June 16th. The event was a fundraiser for sustainable arts education, and included a fashion show of garments made entirely out of recycled items. We were thrilled to be asked to participate, and enjoyed the challenge of making a piece of wearable art entirely out of recycled paper. Paper Botanicals designer Susan Spehar used a collection of old CD cases left over from her children's adolescent years to build an intricate, wearable ode to rock n' roll, which she called Fleur de CD. The body of the dress was constructed using mainly the CD inserts, while the shoulder adornments and back "cape" was created with recycled white paper flowers Paper Botanicals had built for a wedding last year. Susan's daughter Stephanie modeled the dress, and both mother and daughter got to walk down the aisle together. What a special night! Below are some pictures, you can see more pictures of the entire event on the RuckusRoots website or on the RuckusRoots Facebook page! Thanks to Dan Krauss for all the images. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Large Wall Hanging Sold!

We're very pleased to report we sold this medium-sized wall spray through Erinn V Maison. Thanks, Erinn!