Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hanging Mobile of Paper Flowers

By Dave Wescott, this hanging mobile made of paper flowers gently twists and turns in the breeze, the shadows creating a magical effect on the walls behind.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Anniversary Present: "Flower-in-a-Box"

Susan Spehar created this "Nature-in-a-Box" concept for a commission from the UK. We delivered the flower to the LA hotel room of a lucky husband on his first anniversary. Did you know that the traditional gift to commemorate the first year of marriage is "paper?" Why not give your own loved one a "Flower-in-a-Box?"

This Flower-in-a-Box was inspired by Crested Butte, Colorado, one of the most beautiful and vibrantly-colored placed on the planet. If you think this flower is bright, you should check out the wildflowers on the Butte in July, a sight to behold! 

We included a detachable stem, so the flower can be displayed inside its original box, or taken out and placed in a vase. So many options! 

If you want to order your own Flower-in-a-Box for your loved one, contact us! We can make many different sizes, colors and styles, and individualize any order to make it special and personal to you! Paper flowers from Paper Botanicals make for a lasting, unique and thoughtful first anniversary gift--think outside the box, with a Flower-in-a-Box